08 December 2010

It's Spaghetti Time!

Is there a blog award for stupidest entry title?  Heh.

Sorry I've been scarce this week;  it's been a bit crazy at work, and I've completely exhausted by the time I get home, so I haven't done much blogging...or, really, anything else besides watching The Tudors, which I'm totally into right now (I'm late to that party, I know).  But I DID sort out the Gordian Knot of a cable situation under the computer desk:

cord spaghetti:  worse than it looks in the picture!

Rather than just cutting the whole thing apart (which is what I wanted to do), I unplugged everything and then hooked it all back up in an order that made sense,  tied all the cords together and up off the floor,  and then hung a simple white curtain behind the desk (taped to it with masking tape, actually, tee-hee).

...which is TOTALLY OBVIOUS in this picture; but really, in person, you hardly notice that there's a sheet there since the white blends in with the sheer white curtains  (which, in this picture, are NOT being done any favors by those cheap, old, yellow mini-blinds, but that's an issue for another day...and it only looks like this at night (see first picture), so, I'll only have people over to my house during the day for a while, I guess).

Here's a shot of the entire "room", a.k.a. the north end of my football field of a living room.  To the left is the kitchen, and to the right is the back of the couch and the wicker chair I posted about the other day.  Last week? Week before?  Yeesh. This time of year messes with my head.  

Anyway, I also moved that set of four paintings from the corner where the blue one is to make room to stand all those guitars [neatly] on end (instead of stacked on the floor like they were before), and also to provide more of a divider between the two "rooms" than that big plant provided on its own. 

Purple = things that will each be getting their own post soon, as soon as I get my butt out from in front of the TV.  



  1. So that's what they do in magazines (i.e. hide all those cords miraculously!) have to try this at home...have a serious knot of wires behind my computer station( which, hubby tells me, is a problem that ONLY desktop users face.*rolls eyes* But I'm not converting, nope!---so it's going to be tied up and tacked out of sight!)

  2. Oh, man, if I could get a laptop I would be SO happy! Maybe if I win the lottery. In the meantime, I have masking tape, LOL> :o)


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