21 November 2010

In Which Our Heroine Is SICK OF SEWING OMG

Once upon a time, there was an old wicker chair that had been scratched to death and un-strung by cats, faded with age and sunlight, and covered in an aging, faded, and stained fabric that had once been...well, okay, it was probably always ugly. 

It was Kress' chair, actually, and though he wanted to trash it when he moved in this past Spring, I convinced him to let me try fixing it up.  I cleaned it and repaired the frayed and un-woven pieces, and set about doing a really nifty antique'd/shabby teal finish on it...which did NOT come out right at all, so I stopped halfway through, after which the cushions sat stacked in a closet and the frame sat in the garage for six months holding up a couple of fish tanks that I kept meaning to throw away but hadn't yet. .

Once again I didn't take a "before" picture yesterday before I started re-painting it, because I thought I had one, but I didn't.  Here, though, is a picture of half of a new paint job and the old cushion covers (look closely - the print on the back cushion is actually upside-down):

Wow, that's...tropical.

 The frame got a smooth coat of a sort of tree-bark-brown color, and then dry-brushed with an off-black to give the color some depth so that it wouldn't look just painted. 

I re-covered the cushions using the old covers as a pattern; the fabric is from an old papasan-chair cushion cover that I had stashed away in a box of upholstery fabrics.  The pattern doesn't really work with the style of my living room, although the color's nice;  I just needed something so that I could use the chair in the room.  This'll do fine until I find the perfect fabric:

I also decided to take the opportunity to try top-stitching a soft, wide, false roll- edge, since I love the look but had never done it myself.   I didn't measure or mark the fabric, I just eyeballed it, to get a feel for it - it's not perfect, but I kind of love the way it turned out.  Definitely going to be doing this again.

After my hands heal, because MY GOD this was hard on my arthritis and carpal tunnel!  There's probably some sort of nifty clamp-thing you can use to pinch the cushion edge while you sew with the other hand; but since I don't have one, I just did it all with my fingers.  You would not BELIEVE how much my knuckles hurt by the time I was finished (two hours later, if you want to know).  UGH. 

P.S. - the wicker chair happened yesterday (Saturday).  Today, I finished the couch cushion covers - the couch cover job is actually complete!  Pics later this week when I can get some sunlight up in here.  (So, um, yeah:  I'm pretty sick of sewing right now). 


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