19 September 2011

Fail! Score! And Week Ahead...

The good news is, my A/C isn't broken.  The FAIL! news is that it shut down this weekend because the filters were so clogged that it quit and froze over!  I cannot believe I let that happen.  I have the washable filters, so I didn't even have to replace anything, just take them down, hose them off on the back porch, and dry them in the sun.  Fail, fail, fail!  Thankfully, everything's up and running again; and I'm going to flush the condenser drain this week for good measure, too.  Jeez.

I found some awesome fabric yesterday on clearance! And I'm not going to tell you about it!  :D  Actually, I'm going to move all the costume crap over to its own blog this week, and keep this one to house-y stuff and garden-y stuff.  I'll link the new blog once it's up.

Coming up this week:
  1. gardening! 
  2. shelves! 
  3. living room artwork!
  4. curtains! 
Stay tuned...

for Racu  :)


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