22 September 2011

Planticular Update

Gardeny-Do's Done Last Weekend/This Week:

 1.  Planted a white, single-flowered rose in my front garden; part of a new design plan in that bed which I haven't discussed here just yet.  I will, as it slowly unfolds. :)

It's a great, healthy, strong plant.  It's hard to see in this pic, but it's COVERED in flower buds which have appeared just since I planted it.  I guess it's happy!

The sprinkler is a dog-digging deterrent!

2.  This is the American Beautyberry bush I planted in the backyard - the variety with the white berries, insetad of purple.  (Callicarpa americana var. lactea).  It's planted under a bedroom window, just off the patio.

The whole area looks pretty sad in the picture - but that's not barren dirt you see under the plant.  That's freshly-tilled soil mixed with fresh compost and new grass seed!  The spiky thing is a stand of Garlic Chives, one of the few plants from my old herb border that survived The Creeping Death Fungus of 2010. They're not all that excited about the drought.

 3.  This is the "shady corner" behind the back porch I keep talking about.  Another area that's not nearly as awful as it looks, LOL - my Clematis vines are shutting down for the year a bit eary, which they always do when it's been as hot and dry as it's been this year (which is hasn't, actually, since this year has been the worst drought and heatwave in Texas history, but I digress).

Tilled, composted, and mulched heavily, in preparation for the work I'll be doing in this corner next weekend.

4.   The Chasteberry Tree, two weeks after planting.  We had some droopy, yellow transplant shock for a few days there, but it's standing up proud now, and is already beginning to grow upward and produce new flowers.  YAY!

The "trellis" behind it - which is actually a headboard from Ikea! - is what I'm doing in the "shady corner" above:  it's hinged in the middle for flat-packing (bless Ikea), so I'm going to mount it on that fence corner and put another Clematis in there.  A Niobe, if I can find one locally next week.


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