28 September 2011


The new backyard plans proceed apace, largely due to the fact that I'm on VACATION this week at home. No work, just work around the house that I never have time to do!

Look What I Made!
This is the couch cover I've been working on for a friend of mine for the past month:

TA DA!!!
Only one more to go, and I'm already [mostly] done with the seat cushion covers, with all this wonderful time off.  :)

And also....

Kress and I hit the backyard for about thirty minutes this morning to move some fencing around, and the trellis that was behind the little Chastetree.  Here it is before:

And after:  

This is in the shady corner behind the patio.  It's mounted on the fence with eye-bolts now, and ready for plants!  

Here's the little Chastetree without the trellis and giant weed behind it (egad); we removed all that temporary wire fencing from around that half of the yard, too, and used it to corral the Chastetree and the shady corner, to keep the dogs out until they can deal with the new additions without digging them up. :)

that grass is going to be SO GREEN in the Spring.

I wonder how long this will be the "little" Chastetree - this thing is growing like crazy!  No kidding, it's already settled in and has already put on about 8" of height since I planted it three weeks ago!  YAY!

The Beautyberry, however, I suspect is not long for this world.  It's having a REALLY hard time getting established out there.  Here's hoping.

Meanwhile, I'm working on costumes today, and will update about that shortly over at my other blog. :)


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