01 September 2011

An Adventure!

I'm still up to my ass in alligators, project-wise, between the SCA and all my regular home stuff.  August 2011 turned out to be a month-long exercise in maintaining my own boundaries and learning to manage my time better.

Home project-wise, I did do a lot of work on the craft room shelves and the aquarium stand; but I don't have progress pictures uploaded yet, and certainly not an afters, since I'm not finished with either project.  Hopefully I'll be finishing the shelves and hanging them Saturday morning.  <--- and there's your progress report for August.  Fail. :c  Oh, yeah, there was that little footstool, too.  Yay.

Costume project-wise...oy.

Meanwhile, I had an adventure!  My best friend, author Dianne Sylvan, was invited to Armadillocon last weekend, and I was invited to tag along as her +1 ("assistant", lol).  Armadillocon's a sci-fi/fantasy writer's conference.  Not a big, glamorous fan event; more geared towards writers and aspiring writers themselves.  It was a lot of fun.

I'd fully intended to take a million pictures and bring you a wonderful and exciting blog entry about our weekend, but...I forgot.  But I DO have a picture of Dianne in action:

the café in the hotel lobby had the BEST cheesecake!

I took the [glass!] elevator all the way to the top/9th floor of the Renaissance Hotel just so I could look down.  I'm not afraid of heights, but they make me feel weird enough (and I'm enough of a wuss), that just riding the elevator and looking down was a pretty big rush, LOL.

There she is!  Everybody wave at Dianne.  And then go buy her vampire books.


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