14 September 2011

Living Room Art Before & Not After Just Quite Yet

Way Before

navy blue sheet on the mini-couch, old TV bracket still up

Then a bit later

Ikea's "Ofelia" blanket on the MC. I <3 this blanket.
You don't even want to KNOW how long it took me to get around to taking down that tv bracket, patching the holes, and touching up the paint.
And I still need to upholster that minicouch.
And now the wall's all big and empty and LOOMING. 

Blocking out an art idea on the Big Gray Wall of Looming: 

I love the way it fills the space, and the assymetry.

from the meditation space behind the brown couch

I like it.  But something's... I think they need to be farther apart, for starters. More of a gap.  I haven't decided yet on paper/canvas, watercolor/paint/oil pastels...but it's going to be one large, yet simple piece done across all the canvases (or papers), so, balancing the shape and flow of the entire arrangement is big deal.

::Edited to add::  It needed more space between the papers!  I relaxed the arrangement and moved the papers farther apart, just a tiny bit, and it's perfect! Still going to live with it a while to make sure I keep liking it.

As soon as I'm reasonably happy with the arrangement, I'll sketch out the design on the papers and live with that for another few days, and then get painting. Or sketching. Or pasteling. Or whatever ends up happening.

Inspiration, In Case You're Wondering:

via pinterest

To be continued...eventually...

P.S. - I finally figured out wtf was wrong with my scanner re: the pencil sketches I do that never scan right.  Garden plans coming this week! :D



  1. Have you tried the HP scanner I dropped on you yet?

  2. No. :( I suck. I still don't have a place to set them up, but I'm working on that. :)


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