03 September 2010

The Day I Redecorated the Laundry Room in 5 Hours, or, Why Does My Back Hurt This Much? (and Other Mysteries)

Five and a half hours, to be precise. 6:00 - 11:30pm, last night.  WHOO.  


We'll let this speak for itself.  The color's nice, but...

Oh, Martha!  *faints*  Yeah - I ran out of paint the first time I painted this room (I was using leftovers from the master bathroom, actually).  



 Thaaat's better.  My 5.5 hours was spent: 

  • repainting the room with the leftover paint from the bedroom
  • removing the shelves and hardware from the walls, and patching holes
  • painting to match the walls:  the shelves, the wooden angle brackets ($1 at Home Depot), the horizontal cleats (I already had them in my shop), the wooden drying bar, and the rubber feet-things that hold the bar in place
  • mounting all that crap in place so tightly it's going to take a nuclear bomb to get it off the wall again
  • filling in screw-holes and painting the finished shelves again to cover filled screw holes and dirty workshop-fingerprints.  Oops. 
  • putting up a pretty silver hook (which I also already had) to hold the dusters and the fabric sleeve-sock-thing full of plastic grocery bags
  • throwing together some quick artwork from stuff I already had

Botanical prints of purple flowers printed from the Internetz, in $4 clip-frames I've had for a million years.

The purple Umbra "Garbino" trash can - I have like six of these, I love them so much!  I was going to put a blue one in here, but I like  the purple - plus the featherduster is purple, and I just happened to have botanical prints of purple flowers.  Instant accent color, baby! 

The hamper is actually my old kitchen trash can (it's been cleaned, don't worry).  It fits in the room better than the old hamper (we won't go there), and looks a TON nicer. 

And the entire project cost me exactly twelve dollars.  I'm not kidding.  I had the paint already, the 1x2s for the cleats under the shelves, and all the "stuff" for the room - the only thing I bought were the six angle-brackets (a dollar apiece) and a six-pack of paint roller covers (six dollars).  

Of course, I still have to sort through all of this and them put what I'm keeping back on the shelves...

Which, after five and a half hours of work, makes me feel about like this...

(I can't seem to make the automatic-poster thing work, so if several entries show up this morning all at once, I apologize.  I thought I had them all set up to post a day at a time, but I guess not). 



  1. You did a super job! You deserve a big mug of hot chocolate!

  2. Thanks! Mmm, hot chocolate. Can there be booze in it? 0:)

  3. I love this! Your room is set up just like mine. I have a shelf on the opposite wall with a rod for hanging clothes. I was just wondering if you were hanging clothes on the rod above the washer & dryer? Is there enough room to hang clothes or do they hang too close to the washer? I love where your shelf is, but am afraid my clothes would be too close to the washer & dryer.

  4. Hi, Dani! Thanks :)

    The rod is too close to the machines to hang actual clothes; I use it for drying smaller, delicate things, and I keep hangers on it sometimes so I can hang things that need to be hung immediately after drying. When I need to hang larger clothes, I just pull the bar out and move it up higher, above the machines in front of the shelves. It's kind of a pain in the butt, but I don't have that many things that need to be hung.


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