17 June 2013

An Aside

I have an update for you on the whole light fixtures thing, which will be coming later this week; but in the meantime, I finally attacked my mending pile in the sewing room over the weekend, and wanted to show you a bit of that.   I altered the neckline and sleeves on several shirts, and took in two pair of jeans that were gapping in some very odd places.  I still have lots of mending and alterations to do; but I'm pleased that I got that far!

This was one of the shirts I had on the pile:

(well, almost this shirt - mine has a round lower hem)

I *love* Holy Clothing's stuff.  It's all viscose and rayon, beautifully hand-embroidered, and soooo comfy to wear.  I bought this blouse at the renaissance festival a few years ago, and I've always loved it, but I haven't gotten to wear it much, because of the neckline.

These pics are from HC's website.  The second pic shows my problem:  on me (being a bit, ahem, thicker than the model shown), the neckline was quite a bit higher, and I'm REALLY weird about things on my neck.  I can NOT stand shirts touching my neck at all - I cut the neck off of every t-shirt I buy, before I ever wear them, and I never wear shirts with collars.  I have a standing order that every turtleneck that enters my kingdom  be executed on sight.  (That said, I love cowl-neck things and scarves, because they're soft and drapey, and not restricting at all).

So over the weekend I enlarged the neckline - I zig-zag stitched along the pink dotted line in the third picture above, cut along that line, folded it over, and stitched it down.  Easy peasy. Five minutes.

MUCH better.  *sigh of relief*  I can breathe now.  And that took like NO effort.  Yay!

And now back to your irregularly-scheduled Housey Stuff...


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