13 June 2013

Bullet: Bitten

You know that decorating axiom, "It's only paint"?  If you don't like it, you can just paint it again?  That doesn't fly when you're talking about painting over wood for the first time.  Stripping, sanding, restoring, staining, sealing - not the same as just a coat of paint in a slightly different color.

 Granted, the kitchen cabinets were technically already painted.  They were an orange f'oak (fake oak) when I bought the house, and I promptly gave them a brush-down with some flat black paint on a wet chip brush - a step in faux bois painting - in order to preserve the wood grain look but darken the color.  It worked really well, and I've loved them ever since.

But then the jones for painted kitchen cabinetry that's been eating at me for years finally took hold.  I fought it for months before giving in; and then I spent weeks on end dithering over when to start.

There's no going back from this, I thought.  I'd better just dive in and get it over with.


Omg I love these.

I think the brown on the bottom is a bit out of place now,  but I'm not entirely sure just yet.  I'll take some living with.

The brown ceiling fan on the ceiling (asopposed to the one on the fridge) is balanced out by the brown cabinets on the bottom of the room, though, and it's not "all that brown" anymore, the way it was in the before picture.

Wow, I really LOVE this white.  Yup, it's Behr's "White Clay", .just like the ceilings.

It really brightens up the whole room.  It feels so *light* now, moving around in this very full kitchen.

<   isn't that an adorable little clock?  There aren't any batteries in it.

These are the same smokey-quartz colored glass knobs that were in the guest bathroom.

No, I mean these ARE those knobs.  I took them out to use them in here, because it turns out that I love them so much with the white cabinetry that I wanted to see them every day.   (There are dinky little silver ones in the guest bath now, until I find something else cool to put in there).


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