20 June 2013

My Bug Collection. Let Me Show You It

Say it with me now:


That's the light fixture on my front porch.  Gross, huh?  Also tiny, boring, and dim (mostly because of the bugs).

However, I found this baby at the thrift shop the other day for nine dollars:

I know, it's all blurry.  That's why it was nine dollars.

BFF, when I posted this pic on Facebook:  "I've always wanted a
light fixture that would make me coffee."   Womp womp. 

Man, do you guys KNOW how many parts are in a freaking fixture like this?  I didn't even take it completely apart.  The insert where the bulbs go I left assembled, and just taped over the wiring and the bulb holders, because I didn't feel like undoing all that wiring.

Today's spray paint of choice is Rustoleum's  hammered metal finish, in black.  I've used the silver on some of my doorknobs, and to be honest, I haven't been impressed - but the black came out beautifully!

new chain.  hell if I was going to try to spray paint a chain

This took me an evening - far less drying time than I'd expected, actually.  After that, all I had to do was put it up the next day:

Isn't that awesome?  I've always wanted a pendant like this on my front porch.  Heart!  Also, I'm hoping that since it's open on the bottom, it won't get full of bugs like the little box thing that was there before.

Pretty shadows, too. 

So what about the little box light that was there before?  I'm glad you asked.  That question boggled me for exactly two hours before it spawned like eighty five new projects.  I'll be getting to that.  Between the fans in the bedroom and kitchen, the garage light, this porch light, the things it inspired, and that blue ginger jar lamp from the thrifty store, it looks like this is officially The Summer of Lights.

More soon.


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