11 June 2013

Hello, House

By the way, Gypsycat is just fine.  WHEW.

Meanwhile, I've been doing all sorts of stuff around the house that I'm dying to show you;  I haven't quite got all the photos ready, but for the time being, here's a little quickie:

Hand painted backwards: stylin'.  LOL.  I keep seeing these (and the bathtubs/showers that say "get naked) all over the internet, and I thought it was really cute.  I figured I'd try it.  I meant to paint it less wonkily (that's a word now, I just decided), but this is the way it came out, and I kinda like it wonky.

I'd also figured that this would just be something cute for visitors; but coming home with Gypsy from the vet's last week, and then coming home this past Sunday night after a weekend trip to west Texas, that little "hello" made me so happy, and so relieved to be at my own house again.  Hello, House.

It stays. :)

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