12 June 2013

Light Fixtures Sliding Tile Game: BEGIN


  • ceiling fan:  good
  • too powerful/large for room:  cold, too bright
  • plain builders' fluorescent "shop light" type fixture. Bright, but cold, and not adjustable. 
  • terrible air flow (stove vent is bullshit) 
  • Teeny tiny globe fixture with single bulb:  BWAHAHAHA

Solution, Step 1: 


Old fan from bedroom:  matches the one in the living room, which is visible to the kitchen and vice versa.  Great for the living room, but too windy and cold for the bedroom at night. 

Cute little plain white fan from the thrift store, purchased for $15 dollars, and in perfectly working condition.  Smaller, slower; just the right amount of cooling, air flow, and light for this room.  


Solution, Step 2: 

Old kitchen light. 


Bedroom fan now in kitchen! Yay!  

Oops, no bulb sconces in the pic yet.  :) 

Solution, Step 3...   is coming, as soon as I can get some help putting that fluorescent fixture in the garage.  I can get it down by myself, but I can't get it up by myself!   

Stay tuned...


  1. Gee ...I could always get it up AND down...eh HEM.

    Anyway. I still have that ladder in my car, if you're home this weekend...

  2. I will be; and I'll let you know. I might be able to strongarm Kress into helping me tonight, but if that falls through, I'll give you a call.


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