19 June 2013

While We're On the Subject Of Lighting...

...which won't last forever, I promise...

Let's talk about the new ginger jar lamp from the thrift store.  

The blue one is the new one.  The pink one is the one I talked about back in March when I stripped the paint out of the inside and painted it white.  It currently resides on my living room sofa table: 

Sweet Pea acting innocent after bumping the shade askew

They're the exact same lamp.  Literally the same lamp, same maker, just in two different colors.  I put the blue one on my bedside table for the time being; and I've been wondering what color to paint it (that blue is pretty, but, nuh-uh).   Then it dawned on me that I have a pair of matching lamps.  

Now I'm wondering: 
  • Do I strip both and finish them to match, and use them in the living room as actual, proper, matched set? 
  • If I do, what color do I paint them? What shades? 
  • Since I'm going to be moving the sofa table to another room soon, if I make them a matched pair, then where will I put them? 
  • Or should I leave the blue one in the bedroom and refinish it to go with that room?  (No, because it's too tall to reach the switch when I'm lying down)

Meanwhile, I've been testing out different colors on the inside of some scrap glass jars (jelly, mayo, etc.), and different finishes.  Lately I've been playing with a mercury glass effect with silver spray paint and water/vinegar.  

Pottery Barn

So there's this idea.


 ....Mercury glass with a fun blue shade?  Maybe a burlap, like in the top picture, but a teal burlap? 


Or teal lamps (I actually have spray paint this color), either with white shades (paper, linen?) or with the cute embroidered  Ikea shades like I have on the white ginger jar lamp right now?



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