25 June 2013

If You Guessed "More Lighting" You Win A Prize!

Not really. Sorry.

So back to that bug- and cobweb-covered porch light from the other day.  The one I took down:

On the other side of that door were two mismatched hallway ceiling lights.   Kinda like this:

I painted the yellow gold brass collar black years ago, don't worry. 

And this:

this one I ...um...moving on. 

Yeah. Not so much.  Two different kinds of light bulbs. Two different qualities of light. Two different shapes, sizes, and sets of shadow.  The hex light wanted to be repainted like the fluted fixture was, but it's metal is actually fused somehow directly onto the glass and I can't get it apart.  I have yet to feel the need to undertake the ridiculous amounts of taping-off it would require to paint this bastard.

Anyway, so I put the fluted bowl up on the back porch for the time being, until I figure out what I really want to do out there.  I disassembled both porch fixtures (first pic, both identical), sprayed them both with a fresh coat of Rustoleum's "hammered" black metal finish, and put them up in the hall:

NO, not THAT kind of black metal...

Sorry for the EPIC FREAKING SUNLIGHT coming through the front door there - this hallway is a freaking cave, and you couldn't see anything when I actually turned the lights ON to photograph them.  Derp.   I suck at this.

But the little porch lights are cute!  I'd rather have pendants in here, something artsy and neat, but for now, at least I have two fixtures that match!

Moving on ...



  1. *smiley faces* I have lights to swap out, too... And to scrape off that nasty popcorn ceiling. Buh.

  2. Probably the weirdest thing I will say all day: can I help with your ceiling? I've always wanted to scrape off a popcorn ceiling. And I have my own scraper and everything.


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