18 June 2013

Still In Lighting Mode

Not that this is a great photograph or anything, but here's that fluorescent fixture that used to be in the kitchen, now in the garage:

Seriously NOT a great photo.  But there it is, all huge and extremely bright.  I can see what I'm working on now!!!  And it's all the more apparent that no, I never finished priming the garage, because I ran out of primer, hehe (I have a ton now, though, so it's back on my list).

In Other Lighting News...

Guess what I found at the thrift store yesterday?

On the left is another ginger jar lamp, just like the pink one I picked up (also at a thrift store) a while back.  This one's blue, and, lacking any better ideas, I'm leaving it as is for a while.  I'll update when I get a shade situation worked out. :)

On the right is a lovely and brand-new silver/nickel finish pendant fixture that I picked up for NINE DOLLARS.  I am not even kidding.  As much as I actually love the silver, I plan to disassemble this, paint it black, and hang it on my front porch.  More on that as I work on it.  :D


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