17 January 2011

..and then Mother Nature went, "Nope!"

Like, EVERYTHING I've been wanting to do lately is getting rained out.

  1. It's too cold and humid for spray-paint to dry properly.
  2. It's too cold and WET to leave the back door open long enough for paint on the inside of it to dry.
  3. Ditto the front door! 
  4. It's too cold to do anything in the garage. 
  5. It's too wet outside to get any work done around the yard. 
  6. Rain = mud.  Mud + dogs = mud in the house, constantly, which = nasty, horrible, icky, cruddy floors, which = a very, very angry Laura when she gets out of bed in the morning and steps on all that mess. 
  7. Cedar allergies + humidity affecting my asthma = can't even sing, so can't practice my music
 Pretty much all I can do right now is whine about not being able to do anything.  Hence the non-blogging-ness of me for the past several days.  Also, I'm mad at my house and currently not speaking to it, but that's a story for another day. 

Actually, I spent like 90% of the weekend sewing costume stuff.  So it's not like I didn't get anything done, but...sigh.

ApartmentTherapy asks today, "What is the first thing you see when upon entering your home?"   I see this:

...with three dogs all bounding down the hall to greet me.  Which makes me very, very happy.  That's a lot of little wagging butts, and wagging butts are pretty much always good.  :)   Plus, usually I hear the sound of my boyfriend practicing his bass guitar the second I walk in the door, which also pleases me.  I often stop before unlocking the door to listen for it, to see if he's playing.  Ahh, the sounds and sights and dogs of home! 

What about you - what do you see when you walk in the door?

P.S. - on Sunday I found not one but two Black Widow spider egg sacs in my Bauhinia mexicana!!!  I clipped out the branch they were on with my pruners and stomped them to a pulp on the patio.  I generally don't just kill things - I'm an organic gardener and a huge proponent of beneficial insects in the garden ecosystem - and I love spiders, actually.  But I absolutely draw the line at a creature that could kill one of my dogs, who can't say to me, "Mom, something bit me and now I feel weird."  Sorry, thousands and thousands of potential spiders.  You are OFF THE ISLAND.  


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  1. What do I see when I enter my house? ...do not want.


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