11 January 2011

Wheeeeere's Laura?

HERE I AM!  *peek*

Yeah, I'm working on nothing this week.  Nothing that belongs on the blog, anyway.  That sounded a bit dirty.  Nope:  the blinds project is on hold until the weather clears up:  spray paint has a hard time drying in the cold, and it almost doesn't dry at all in this nasty, wet, cold weather we're having down here.  It could be worse; I know a lot of you are having much more severe weather problems than I am here in Texas, which, aside from the astronomical cedar pollen levels this month is looking pretty normal, Winter-wise. The weather right now also keeps me from doing anything in the yard, or even really in the garage.  It's cold out there! 

Instead, I'm sewing.  I haven't had nearly enough costume-y goodness in my life in recent years, aside from the two renaissance festivals I go to every year; so Kress and I just recently joined the SCA.  So this week I'm sewing costumes in my nice, warm house with central heating and blankets and dogs to keep my feet warm and cats to sleep on my head every night.  :)

I do have some "planning" posts for later in the week, though, so I'll be back in a day or two. 


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