07 January 2011


For most of last year, I had this nifty little blue spiral notebook printed with henna-y designs on the cover and an elastic band to hold the cover closed, that a friend gave to me. She's a compulsive blank-book-buyer, which I love, because she frequently gives me her extra blank books, tee-hee.   0:)

I kept it in my purse, and for most of the year (until I used up the whole thing), I filled it with to-do lists and shopping lists - even tabbed it with stick-on labels for categories.  I was prepared, yo.

For what, exactly?

Last night I went to Target to pick up a prescription, and it wasn't ready, so I was forced to walk around their home section while I waited (terrible, terrible. Really, I can hardly bring myself to talk about it).  I wasn't thinking of grabbing any particular thing while I was there, just walking around checking out what's on sale and what's new since the last time I was in the store.

But then I saw the picture frames!  And I thought, "Picture frames! I need those!"  Because I did!  I remember trying to CRAM into my brain the idea that I needed 4-5 small, plain, black picture frames the next time I saw them on sale somewhere, so that I wouldn't forget.  And I didn't! 

For what, though?  Why did I want 4-5 smallish, black frames?  Where was I going to put them?  I HAVE NO IDEA.   Totally can't remember.  POOF.  Gone from brain.

Thankfully, my blank-book friend gave me a new one last weekend.  Guess I'll start writing in it.  I think this time I'll put clippings and paint samples and stuff in it, too, like a little workbook.  Squee!

here it is being random stuff on my coffee table



  1. :) Isn't it horrible the way we're forced to shop? tsk tsk. so did you get the frames? :)

  2. I didn't, on the off chance that the reason I couldn't remember why I wanted them was that I had already changed my mind and just forgot. (I swear, my memory is totally Swiss cheese).

    But I did get a new pillow for my bed, and a new rug for my bathroom. :)

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  4. Never mind...different blue book.

  5. Wait...no, I take that back, the blue spiral one?...yep, your memory's bad, I gave it to you, and everyone else at that birthday party! I have one, too...that I've never used, lol.

  6. LOL! Wait, whose memory are we talking about here? ;D

  7. Different book...I gave everyone one...but not the one you're talking about. Pay no attention to the lady in the hot pink sweatshirt!

  8. Heeeeey....what happened to my comment? And where's my blank book? Moooo-oooom!!!

  9. Did a comment go missing, Laura? I just fixed it so that they should all post immediately - no moderating, no funky word to copy, nothing. Es no worky?


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