19 January 2011

Before + After: Back Door

This is my back door:

This is my back door on drugs...sorry.  No drugs, I promise. Notice anything about the following two pairs of pics?

Microsoft Paint: kickin' it old school

I've been thinking about painting the back door.  Dark.

It was painted the same color as the walls.  I did this a few years ago, after sick of looking at a BIG. WHITE. RECTANGLE. breaking up the back wall.  And I liked it, but with all the dark wood furniture and floors, the room was getting a little quite bottom-heavy.  Painting the blinds brought some of the dark, warm wood tones up onto the windows (and no, I'm still not finished - been waiting for the rain to stop)...but what about the door?


But it wasn't enough.  So yes, I painted my back door.  ORANGE!

do YOU have a blow dryer in your tool kit?

Haha, not really.  This is the undercoat for the faux-bois - a light, warm color that will later form the light, warm highlights in the "wood" look.  Normally I use a brown-ier color...but I had orange already in the garage! 

Me:  I dunno, baby, I kinda like the orange. What do you think?

Kress (from the other room):  WHAT?  I'M SORRY, MY BULLSHIT ALARM WAS GOING OFF 

Me: *dies laughing*  Dude, that is so going in my blog.   

1st and 2nd coats of dark brown, streaked and stippled on with a wet brush

I love it.  It's not the BIG. DARK. RECTANGLE that I was afraid it might become.  Next step is to paint those white mullions (wow, those are bright), and to replace the turquoise scarf with a curtain that coordinates better with the white sheers on the windows. (I love the scarf in the day, but not at night).

morning light <3

corner "seam"

More later this week! Or not! What will be will be.  Or something. :)

QUIZ QUESTION:  how many animals can you see in this post?  If you guess correctly you can have one of them.  Not really.


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  1. I see one of the 3 black cats, Daisy and Raven. And you'd better not give me one...I have ENUFF of my own. I love the door.

    What are the odds she will have changed it by the party on the 29th?


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