04 January 2011

What's a "Resolution"??

Yeah, I generally don't do those.  My lists and I have a love/hate relationship.  I must make to-do lists...but I almost always bite off more than I can chew and end up with an ever-growing list of stuff I was gonna do but then...didn't.

"There is no try, only do."

How am I supposed to work on anything when I'm tangled up in my to-do lists like a cat with a ball of yarn?
  1. organize the lists
  2. choose a focus for one month
  3. pick one thing to work on each week - I can do bits and pieces every day
  4. schedule large projects for specific weekends
  5. allow myself time off when I need it, without feeling guilty for "not being productive"

Because, after all, none of this is any fun when it becomes work.   I have one big "master" list with everything on it (organized by category, type of work, and cost, because it's me, lol);  usually when I'm bored I go through and find something I can do for free...but the list is rapidly wearing down to stuff I keep putting off. 

I think what I'd like to do is start keeping a list for each month, with a few items on it from my big list that I will do whether I want to or not (I'll want to as soon as I get started!)  Some fun stuff, some small projects, some painting, some maintenance (that I will no longer allow myself to postpone - bedroom ceiling fan, I'm looking at YOU!), and some yard work. 

For instance, January's list might look something like this:
  • finish the living room blinds
  • finish the artwork I started in December
  • paint the guest/music room & closet, and hang new shelves
  • clean up the baseboards in the dining room
  • repair/adjust the ceiling fan in the bedroom (it knocks)
  • paint the insides of both the front and back doors
  • refinish the mirror I bought at Goodwill in November October
  • design a new entertainment center FOR REAL THIS TIME and actually draw up plans so that I can build it next month
  • repair/adjust bathtub faucet (pressure issue)

But will it get done?  Guess we'll see.


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