27 January 2011


Does anyone else out there read Thrifty Decor Chick?  Every single one of her posts is coming up viruses for me today, and I have NO idea how to message her and tell her, just in case she's not aware there's a problem.  Anyone know how I can do that, or know her personally and can message her?


P.S. - it's thriftydecorchick[dot]blogspot[dot]com...I didn't link it because, you know, viruses


  1. Sounds like someone hacked her. :(

  2. Considering that "she" has been posting like every 20 minutes, all link to outside blogs, I'm guessing that's exactly what happened.

    I haven't seen any updates from her today, though, so maybe that means she's in the process of getting it fixed.


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