05 January 2011

Pillows: I Has Them

All that about a to-do list for the month yesterday...and then I go and do this last night, which was nowhere on that list.  But I found this remnant while I was cleaning up my craft room last night - I had picked it up a while back and kinda forgot about it.  Oops. :)

$12/yard drapery fabric,  reduced 10% as a remnant, remnants half-off during a post-holiday sale.  Five bucks!

TWO pillows! For five bucks!

Love them!

Not loving the other pillow, which I just had sitting around in a closet - it looks white, right?  And, like..dirty?  It's totally blue.  Same shade of light, muted blue as you see in the new pillow fabric, except that the dark brown of the couch washes it out.  So THOSE aren't staying.

I need to keep checking the remnant bins at all the fabric stores - looooots of remnants this time of year, as they clear things out to bring in new Spring prints.  Best time of year for me to stock up on all the dark colors I love - excellent for couch pillows, cushions for my meditation corner, single yards of stretchy knit to make cute little tops out of (I have some dark red, in fact, that I picked up the same day I got this stuff).



  1. Thanks, Jessica; and thanks for stopping by! :)


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