18 January 2011

In the Great Hall

A bit about two of my three hallways, while I work on things this week to actually post about.

  1. Entry hall, from front door to dining room/kitchen/living room/"back" hallway 
  2. "Back" hallway: to guest room (music room) & guest bath, craft room, coat closet, and laundry/garage
  3. "Bedroom" hallway:  to master suite
(3) Bedroom hallway 2009

I'd originally painted this hallway dark to keep it "out" of the living room, also because this deep purple was a paint mixing mistake - but I LOVED it and wanted to look at it all the time.

(3)  2010 living room paint job & less-is-more hallway art

When I painted the living room (and the entire free world - living, dining, kitchen, and entry hall) last year, I incorporated the bedroom hallway back into the room with the same paint color - which I like quite a bit.  I also got rid of the big picture arrangement and hung just a few related pics under a painted-on "picture rail".

(Now, I adore the bust that you see in the bedroom hallway, but I hate the pedestal it's on, and I don't like either of them where they are...but I'm not sure yet where the bust's new home will be).  

And here's the entry hall:

(1) Looooong entry hall

(1) Landing area on the left as you walk in

(1) Artwork on the opposite side

You can consider this last one a "before" picture, also.  I like the artwork here, but I'm not done playing with it yet.  The canvases need new hangers on the back so that they'll hang straight;  I'm also thinking of painting a "picture rail" on the wall to match the one in the bedroom hallway, but I'm not sure about it yet.  

The coat hook behind the door is going away soon;  and the inside of the front door is getting a paint job soon, as well.  Just as soon as it stops bloody raining, so I can leave the door open so it can dry without thoroughly humidifying the house!

Also, the blue ceilings in the entire house are going away as soon as I can muster the troops to paint nearly 1,500 square feet of ceiling (white).  Awful job, painting ceilings.  But that's a story for another post. 

*  Wait, where's the #2 hallway?  I don't have any pictures of it, because...I don't have any pictures of it.   It's, um...green.  And it's dark.  Which is why I don't have any pictures of it.  And because it is also a story for another post. 


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