03 January 2011

Sneak Preview...

Well, hello, 2011! 

I sure was excited about the three-day weekend I just had - so much to do!  Including a project I was really, really not sure about.  Figured it would either be the FAIL to end all FAILS...or really freaking spectacular. 

The good news is, it's the second one!  The bad news is that Saturday morning I threw my back out and had to bum around on the couch the rest of the weekend. Resting.  ARGH.  I'm doing alright now; but I'm kinda peeved that I didn't get to finish my project over the weekend.

After the bamboo blind incident last week, it occurred to me for the thousandth time to wonder why I couldn't just spray-paint the blinds I had?  Some of you just cringed.  I do, too, just thinking about it - all those moving parts, and the cords?? Plus, spray paint can be iffy, even in practiced hands. This time, I googled for project tips, and found quite a few people who'd pulled it off successfully and were kind enough to share.

The trick, it turns out, is to work in small sections, and to keep the blinds moving while you're working.  I sprayed about 10 slats at a time, then worked the rod and strings to keep them separated while they dried.  The whole project took about two hours, and two cans each of dark gray primer and dark brown satin-finish spray paint. 

pardon our mess...

I love, love, love the way this blind came out.  I can't WAIT to do the other two in the living room (both twice the size of the first one, yeesh) - but that'll have to wait until Saturday, since I won't have enough daylight to work by after work this week.

In the meantime...hm.


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