20 January 2011

Happy Friday! Sort of!

It's Friday for me, anyway - I'm outta here for the weekend in just a few short hours.  Whee!

I finished the back door last night...mmm, no, I didn't.  I mean, I kinda did:  I clear-coated the brown parts of the door that I showed you yesterday, so that part IS finished.  I also started painting the bright white mullions on the door, in a deep teal to coordinate with the room.

I'd forgotten how LONG that takes! I'd painted them before, when I swapped out the paned window from another door that I scrounged from a curb in front of a house that was being remodeled;  the new door didn't fit my door frame, but the window was exactly the same size, so I swapped out the windows.  The "new" window trim had never been painted, though, and it was horribly yellowed with age and exposure (plastic) - and cracked, too, so there was cleaning and patching AND painting that day.  At the time, though, I had both doors completely disassembled, so although it was kind of a pain in the butt to paint all those mullions, it wasn't half the pain in the butt that it is doing them with the glass still underneath...with a 1/2" art  brush, no less!*   I painted around 6 out of the 15 panes, and it took me about an hour.  Oy.

But at least I'm painting something!  I've really kind of needed to paint things the last couple of weeks.  I pine and waste away when I'm not painting things.  I've been reading Better After recently, and it's made me just lust for an awesome piece of thrift-store furniture to refinish or restore or repaint! 

Except I DO have an awesome thrift find - a huge framed mirror that I picked up a couple of months ago for $8 and still haven't gotten around to fixing it up (mostly because I can't seem to decide on exactly what to do with it.  I was going to put it into the guest bath, but I changed my mind, so now I don't know where to put it, either!)

Door, mirror...re-do the entire craft room design because I've spent so long being a third of the way through the green-white-black thing that I started in there *two years ago* that I'm SICK of looking at it already (ironing board? just recovered it last month, you say? what ironing board?)  And of course, I have fabulous new ideas.

Not that any of them are remotely crystallized in my head yet; but here's a hint, to carry you through the weekend...


Everyone have an awesome weekend!  :o)

* No, I didn't tape off the glass panes first. The last time I tried that with a window I ended up scraping goo off the glass with a razor blade, which resulting in cutting myself and ruining my nails..  I'm a great cutter-inner, and I much prefer to just take care to begin with, and wipe off the occasional "oops" with a damp rag as I go.  :B


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