01 March 2011

Planz: I Haz Them

Whew! Schedule's finally slowed down a bit, getting some things done at home.  Later this week, and next week, I'll have:

  • living room pics, of that blind I painted last week and an updated Meditation Corner under those windows
  • the latest chapter in the history of the bedroom - since I'm getting a new, bigger mattress this week!  Yaaaay!  
  • one or two small projects that I've been fiddling around with but haven't finished

And here's a question for you: 

Last Fall, after all manner of hardship and catastrophe (extreme heat and dryness, even for central Texas, plus a crazy raging fungus that destroyed my entire herb and half my vegetable garden), I tore out all of the landscaping in the backyard and half of what was in the front yard.  With Spring finally here, I'm about to start all over again from scratch for the first time in six years!

Are you guys interested in hearing about that here?  I was thinking of starting a second blog for my gardening and landscaping stuff, and probably lots of plant/flower photography once things really get going, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do that on this blog or create a separate one.  What do you guys think?


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  1. Here. too many things to read...I haz them.


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