23 March 2011

Blogfail + OPP (Other People's Pictures)

I can't seem to keep my brain in my head this entire week.  I've completely forgotten what I was going to post today, and I didn't even have a draft with notes in it to pull from, like I normally do.  So, instead...

Is that gorgeous or what?!  That's from a made-over factory-turned-home featured today on Dear Designer's Blog which is awesome every day, but this post, and this bedroom in particular, are just gorgeous. 

And while we're on the subject of  rooms/things that I find beautiful and inspiring (because I have just decided that we are): 

...I don't rememeber where I found this!

In case you hadn't noticed, I adore art walls.  And I secretly love white spaces to LOOK at...I've tried living with them before, and I always feel like the most obvious thing in the room.  I'm a hider.  I want big fluffy dark things to curl up in and peer over the back of to see what the people over there are doing.  But I love looking at white spaces. :)

la maison boheme

I love, love, love
  1. blue
  2. turquoise
  3. curtains
  4. window seats
  5. tufted furniture
  6. piles of pillows
  7. wooden floors
  8. huge windows                               I mean, this picture, COME ON.  Lurve! 

...I didn't make a note of the source on this one, either. :(

 I also absolutely covet a tufted ottoman like this one.  I've been meaning to build one for years, but I've never gotten around to it.  And actually...no, that needs a post of its own, never mind.  0:)

And, lastly...

some catalog a million years ago

I love the line of these tables (and these...and this...), and one day, when I grow up, I'm going to build this entertainment center.... ah, dreams.

See you guys tomorrow. :) <3



  1. oh.. I love window seats too... and the blues.. and the turqs... is my type!! :-)

  2. Test posting to see if blogger will let me post now. Mean old blogger! :(

  3. Aha! Figured it out - it won't take my WordPress ID, but my Google ID works since Blogger belongs to Google. Good to know. Anyway, um...great blog, BFF! And now I can say so more often!

  4. Patty - Hee, I know. I want to steal practically every one of the rooms you post, hehe. :) <3

  5. Love all those things, too...except tufted furniture and white spaces. White spaces drive me nuts. I guess as an artist, it's like having a blank piece of paper...must.fill.it. lol

    Your catalog picture doesn't load?

  6. Weird - it loads for me. Maybe it was a server thing somewhere?

  7. Laura... Hello there.. Hope you are well.. Have been trying to email you.. I cant seem to access the photographs you had sent me for the Green Thumb Decor.. Please can you send them to me again... please.. please!! Take care.. and hope you have a fab week ahead of you!!

  8. Hey, Patty - sorry about that, something seems to have happened with the privacy settings on my Picasa account. I'll email you the pics instead of links to them. :)


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