30 March 2011

Springing Springtime Springy Stuff

The front garden  is coming along nicely so far this year ...

Needs weeding, tho.

I love the mix of plants in this bed - the only thing I don't like is that everything is so small in the early part of the year, except for that big honking Rosemary.  If I don't thin the Yarrow at least every two weeks, it'll take over the entire bed - this year when I thinned it, I left *two* plants and collared them with cut-up plastic nursery pots to keep them from spreading as much, and so far, it's working pretty well. 

I'm hoping the Loropetalum (Chinese Fringe Flower) will get a bunch bigger this year now that it's not being choked out by the Yarrow - there's one around the corner from this bed that's like three times the size of this one, and they were planted at the same time! 

I planted a ton of tulips in the front garden several years ago, and a bunch in the little circle of mulch that surrounded the tree in the front yard.  I've never done anything to them - I don't fertilize them, or move them, or dig them up to store them for the Summer (the heat here is terrible for Tulips)...and yet, 3-4 of these guys pop up in the lawn near the tree where the mulch circle used to be every Spring.  This year, once they're done, I'm going to dig them up, divide them, store them, and plant them somewhere else in the Fall.  :)


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