28 March 2011

Insert Catchy Title [Here] - Favorite Blogs

Didn't do anything terribly photo-worthy over the weekend:  mostly sewing (costume stuff) & more work on spiffing up the backyard (more grass seed).  I have some stuff I want to get started on this week, including starting work on the new bed and a couple of small projects that I can get done in a couple of hours - knick-knack-y things - that I'll be posting about this week and next.

Meanwhile, I read ninety-five blogs, 89 of which are decor-related, though not all of them post every day or even every week, or I'd never keep up with them all, lol.  Most of that list can be found by viewing my profile, if you're interested. 

Allow me to introduce just  a few of my favorite blogs - rather than do a list of logos or links, these are pics I've collected as inspiration from each of these sites, each of which I think exemplifies the flavor and soul of the blog it came from:

La Maison Boheme - lush, eclectic, bohemian, vintage...
Of Peacocks & Paisleys - beautiful Indian design and photography
Dear Designer's Blog   constantly surprises me

An Indian Summer - gorgeous Indian decor & architecture

Better After - an ENTIRE BLOG of awesome B&As!  <3


  1. Hi!! Got to see your sooo fresh n airy house through Patty's blog, Loved your blog too....I am definitely going to follow your blog..it will be so much learning and fun

  2. Thanks, Shivani! Nice to meet you :)


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