09 March 2011

In Which Laura Is Very, Very Excited About Something


We're getting a new mattress on Saturday!  Kress' mom got us one for his birthday, and it's going to be delivered in THREE DAYS! The old one (the Ikea mattress I talked about briefly here) has definitely seen its day. Plus, Kress is 6'2"; and two adult humans + anywhere from three to five cats on the bed at a time do NOT fit on a queen-sized mattress!

So there's a king on the way.  :)   I plan to take the wooden bed frame apart and rebuild it to fit the new bed.  The posts and side pieces I can re-use for a king-size frame (handy sizing info here, if you're interested), but the shorter end pieces, and the slats under the box spring, will have to be replaced. 

I adore this bed; but it's time for a new incarnation

I already have all the lumber I need for new slats, and to build a shallow platform to use instead of a box spring (usually called "bunkie boards", but I think that sounds dumb, so I'm not calling mine that); as well as most of the stuff I need to not only rebuild the bed around a larger mattress, but also change the design a bit.

I suppose I'd better go get at least one set of sheets to fit it, too.


Yeah, I kinda forgot about that.  Woops!  A quick trip to Target is in order this weekend, then;  and then on payday, a trip to Ikea:

Ikea's TANJA BRODYR duvet cover & shams

Yeah? With all the blue and purple and green in the room?  100% cotton, and only fifty bucks for a king set!  I pet it every time I go into Ikea; it feels soooo nice.  Plus it's machine washable.  :)


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