14 March 2011


Saturday morning, when I got up, I knew these two things:
  1. My mattress was to be delivered between 9:00 - 1:00; and
  2. it was only a mattress and a cover, no box springs (see previous post about building a platform)
But at 8:30am, clad in only a t-shirt and a cup of coffee, I heard what sounded like a gigantic truck out in the street - my mattress was here!

And there WERE box springs!  Whoops!  So...less building on Saturday for me, and lots of lumber that I can now use for something else - plus an early delivery, which meant that I'd be done setting up the room earlier than I thought, which allowed time for Kress and I to go to the local renaissance festival afterward. :)


goodbye, old bed




Look at the SIZE of that thing!
That's no bed - that's a SPACE STATION.  o_o    (Notice that there are already three cats on it - this was 15 minutes after we got it in place on the frame). 

Kress and I ran out to Target for a set of emergency sheets - knit jersey, at $25 a set, to tide us over til payday.  Next stop:  sheets, duvet, larger pillows!  Footboard and posts!  More bed curtains! 

In the meantime, however, I think I have Mattress Shock.  I've never slept on a king before - this thing is ENORMOUS.  And sooooo soft.  I can't believe I was sleeping on that crapass mattress before. 


Later that day...


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