17 March 2011

More Gardening & Some Bedroom Action

No, not that kind of bedroom action, stop that!

Gardening Thing #1

This doesn't look like much, but it's actually a HUGE deal.  On the right side of this picture you can see what erosion, dog feet, and drought have done to my yard...there's not much left.What little grass is still there will fill in and fluff up as the season progresses - but the dirt bits are basically destroyed.

But on the LEFT side, behind the little fence, the yard's in the process of being repaired:  Tuesday evening Kress and I tilled the ground, leveled it, mixed fresh compost from the bin (visible in the back left corner there, behind the trellis that will soon be covered with vines), sowed fresh grass seed, and finally fenced off the area so the dogs won't ruin all the work we did.  If you remember the "after" sketch from yesterday - the area of ground we re-did goes from the fenceline near the back porch where the Clematis vines are, alllll the way out to this trellis.  WHEW! 

Gardening Thing #2
A couple of weeks ago, I helped a friend move, and ended up with free outdoor chair for my troubles. It  had been destined for the Goodwill pile:

nothing a little primer + spray paint can't handle


There we go.

Now it just needs cushions. :)
Bedroom Action!

Last night, we re-arranged the ENTIRE BEDROOM OMG.  And I mean, we stripped the entire room and started over - furniture came in, furniture went out, alllll the art was taken down, bookshelves were emptied and rearranged...everything. I'm not done with it, so I don't have any "after" pictures for you;  take my word for it, though, it's *awesome*  :D  Here's a bit of a preview, though...

Gypsy approves of this chair.

Flash = EVIL.  Reading nook = GOOD.  "Real" pics tomorrow.  


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