25 March 2011

Just Some Stuff


After the post of pictures the other day, I got a lot of feedback telling me I should do that all the time.  I didn't want to just repost pictures on this blog all the time, but you know what?  It's fun.  And it's fun for ME to read when I go to YOUR blog, so, why not?  So there'l be some of that in the future.


I also have a couple-three posts to do sometime about friends' houses, when I can get the time to run around and take pictures while drinking the free beer they provide me (see how I slipped that one in there?)

Hey, I forgot two!  :D  It's been that kind of week, y'all.   Insert list of stuff I haven't gotten around to doing [here].

Eighty Nine
Everybody have a good weekend.  I'mma go play dress-up in the woods again. :)  <3 


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