13 May 2013

Black Hole To Black Door*

So, about that hallway.  While priming the bathroom and all the trim and doors, I did the same in the adjacent hallway.  The trim there was also in need of a refresher, and the color in that hallway! Ugh!

Actually, it was a lovely color, in and of itself - a deep, shadowy olive green.  It was pretty, but it was WAY too dark for a teeny tiny hallway that gets absolutely *no* natural light whatsoever.   I completely forgot to take a "before" pic, but imagine a hallway where this thing might live:

So the entire thing got primed:  walls, trim, doors, ceiling, and even the attic hatch.  Then nearly all of it got painted in the White Clay, just like in the guest bathroom:

that's the bathroom door at the very end, then clockwise, the
guest bedroom and sewing room.  Around the corner on the
left is the hall closet. 

sewing room door, and laundry room on the right
Pretty! Bright!  HUGE-looking, after seeing that cave-green for several years!  But there was one more step - which you may have guessed if you noticed that the doorknobs on all the doors are taped off.  After seeing stuff like this on Pinterest for the past couple of years, I couldn't resist anymore:

bathroom door straight ahead

That's the same near-black that I mixed up from leftover  black and charcoal paint that I used on the dressing table in my bedroom, and the little candlestick table. I also removed the gold-colored brass doorknobs and spray painted them all silver (mostly - at the time of that picture, I still had one to go).

laundry on the right

This and the bathroom, together, took me about three hours on Thursday night, about six hours on Saturday, and about four hours on Sunday.  NO MORE PAINTING EVER OMG!  *falldowngoboom*

*  Know what made me giggle the entire time I was planning, and painting, and blogging about these black doors?  The Black Door is the name of the vampire night club in Austin, TX, in my favorite vampire novels, The Shadow World, by Dianne Sylvan.  So now I have like, five secret vampire night clubs in my house.  Six, if you count my front entry, which is also black.   (^_^)

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