12 May 2013

Guest Bathroom: A History

Once upon a time, there was this white-with-blue-accents thing that was too sparse, boring, and filled with shells, for some reason:


And then there was this boho weirdness, which I loved at the time, and was a LOT of work (sponge-ing the walls and stenciling the border), and now I'm like...the fu...?


(Although I really did love the stenciled border and two-tone effect)

Then there was white:


Which I LOVED...but it needed...something...


...eh? Yeah, not so much on the gray.  The whole house is gray.  And while I love it in the common areas, it was just plain boring in here (and in the craft room, but we'll get to that in a few weeks).  I found myself longing for that white again - the white on the top half of the room was just primer, so I primed over the bottom, and then painted the entire room in that same White Clay (Behr) that I did some of the ceilings in the house in a few months ago:

no, I haven't hung the mirror yet.  I can't get it up there
by myself! 

I also took the opportunity to prime and re-paint all the trim molding in the room, the cabinetry, and both sides of the door, since all the glossy oil paint on the trim and doors in the house is getting yellowed with age.   I love the blue-on-blue effect in my master bathroom, where all the molding is painted the same color as the walls,  and I'm loving that effect in this room, too.

I also put a leftover piece of door molding that I'd had sitting in the garage for eons up on the wall here - eventually, it'll have more than one hook on it, but at the moment, the one I had works fine, hehe.

The White Clay is quite a warm off-white;  on its own it's more of a meringue color, or maybe like a latte foam color.  Vanilla creme cake frosting?  (I'm hungry).  I like it!

There's more to come in this bathroom, but first..the hallway outside of it...




  1. Personally, I like the boho version bestest. Not a big fan of just white. But it ain't my outhouse. ;)

  2. Hehe. Oh, it's not going to *stay* all-white. This is just the walls and trim. Wait and see.

  3. Waitin'. Of course you know, by the time I make it down there again, you'll have redone it.


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