23 May 2013

Henna Lamp: Redux

You may remember this lamp from 2011:

(the original shade makeover is here)

It's undergone a base swap since this picture - a bronze-y "iron" stick base with a really ugly fake-marble ball in the center.  The original base is still in my bedroom, with a new shade on it.

This shade, and it's new stick base, have been living on my computer desk in the living room, and I loved it there, but I hated the base the way it was, and I was ready for the shade to have some color.

So I spray-painted both: the base with black and hammered silver metallic spray paint, and the shade with a very watered-down acrylic paint, mixed with a little bit of fabric medium, in a plain old spray bottle.

After painting

in situ
Yay!  I love it.  Quick, easy project.

Well, easy except for the part where while spray-painting in the garage with the door open for ventilation, I accidentally let two of my very indoor cats outside.  I got them both back, and one of them was easy - he came when I called.  The other I had to stalk, decieve, and finally pounce on like a rabid animal to get ahold of him, and he's REALLY pissed at me.  Price you pay, little dude.

That's him.  And hey, look, it's the lamp!  LOL



  1. Pretty lamp! Glad you got Sweet Pea back...whew!

  2. Rabi was out, too, but thankfully he came when I called, and loves being picked up, so he was easy to catch. And HE has tags!


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