11 May 2013

Time Out For Some Bandwagon Jumpin' and Pin Testin'

You guys, surely, are aware of this whole smoothie trend.  If you follow anything on Pinterest at all, I bet you see at least fifteen "recipes" a day.  I wasn't into the idea until it started involving booze, myself.  Of course, I can't find the pin I took inspiration from, but here's something similar:

That would be a Champagne Mimosa Float, made by pouring champagne over orange sherbet.  Mm-mm!

I didn't have any champagne at home, but I had tequila, and as luck would have it, I saw another one like this (there are many versions) using lime sherbet and tequila.  I had both of those!

big. ass. straws. 

I'd call these "Margarita Smoothies" a flying success!  They were tasty and sweet and smooth, and there was a LOT of it once I realized I'd used WAY too much tequila in the blender and needed to add more sherbet.  Um...twice.  (The original recipe was for a float like in the picture up above, but my BFF and I both wanted it blended, because us + straight tequila, even if there's ice cream in it = bad.  And since I apparently didn't actually pin the lime version of the drink on Pinterest, I couldn't remember the proportions, and so I guessed.  Wrong. Twice).

I can't wait to try the Mimosa ones next!  Or raspberry sorbet...mmm... maybe raspberry sorbet with rum, as another friend of mine suggested.  HOORAY BOOZE!


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