30 May 2013

When the Going Gets Tough, Paint It Blue

Which I guess should be my motto or something.  People make fun of me for my blue obsession.  But hey, in this case it works!  Remember the nightstand that I picked up on Bulk Day last year and refinished?  I recently moved it out into the living room and put my TV on it.  But it was missing something...color.

Painted black some time ago.

The top...nope.  Boring.  Liquid Sander to the rescue!

A very subtle blue.  The color's more intense than it looks here, but not by much.  I really wanted to go for a chalk-paint sort of look, but as easily as that stuff flakes and mars, I didn't want to risk the finish being completely destroyed.  The top of this thing takes a beating.

Now if I could only find the missing bracket so I can put the TV on the wall!  I can't find that thing ANYWHERE.  Grrr.


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