15 December 2010

And the food!

First of all, I apologize for my absence lately.  Work has been crazy, and I've had tons of holiday baking and cooking to do this year, since I'm sending boxes of goodies to family this year - so in my spare time, I really haven't gotten up to much in the way of house-y stuff to share with you all.

coconut bonbons, baby!

ok, so I hadn't dipped anything in a while...

homemade pillow mints!

peach and blackberry jam-filled cookies

"dog proofing" the counters while the candy sets up LOL

Ta-da!  There was also "praline brittle" (a softer brittle than usual with pecans instead of peanuts or whatever), but I don't have any pictures of that, and it's gone already, LOL.

Actual projects will happening later in the week/weekend;  plus probably some discussion about why I love my living room so much and still hate it at the same time, some woodworking, and maybe even some outdoor stuff.

P.S. - Louise the blue Betta fish died.  Just up and died, for no reason that I've been able to determine.  :(  But the white fish (whose name is now officially "Squishy") is doing really well.  She says hi. ;)


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