01 December 2010

Fish II

I stopped and got some aquarium plants on the way home from work yesterday, as promised.  Got them home, opened the packages, cleaned up the plants, and rinsed them off, then hit the internet to learn more about each kind -  I went plant shopping with a list in mind, of plants I'd used before and was familiar with, but only found one of the plants on that list;  the rest were new to me.

And, as it turned out, the rest of them?  Are rooted cuttings of land plants packed and labeled as "aqua plants" - they can be grown in water but won't do well in it, and can't really be grown under water at all.  Bad pet store, no-no!  Caveat emptor, though, right?  Yeesh.  

Some plants are better than none, at any rate - certainly better than a floating sprig of plastic foliage.  I did end up putting one of each of the land plants into each tank;  I figure, they'll look nice for now, and when they start to die off in a couple of weeks I can pull them out and replace them with new ones. 

So here's what the tanks look like now: 

small, yes, but the fluffy ones will grow FAST

"Louise" hiding in the upper left corner

black rocks to set off the bright greens

see my stove?  LOL


Even though I used some of the non-aquatic plants in the tanks, I still had a whole bunch of tiny plants that needed a home.  I don't have a container I can use to set up a proper terrarium right now, so for the time being I set up a vase with some of the black aquarium gravel for them, until I can throw together something nicer:

$1.99 Ikea "VASEN" vase

You know, it occurs to me that since I took down my last aquarium a few months ago, I'd been waffling over whether I should get a betta, or start another terrarium.  And then Life goes and hands me TWO bettas AND a ton of plants with which to start a terrarium!  Weird. :)



  1. A fish, a fish a fish! My kitties would love these! I have no idea about that painting you commented on in yesterday's post :(. But! I love your blog, am I following already? No worries, I'm following now! XX!

  2. Heehee...I'm waiting for my kitties to notice them. I only have one that gets on the counter when I'm not looking, and she hasn't streaked through the house soaking wet so far, so. ;) (They're covered).

    But YAY! Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog, too :)


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