31 December 2010

Last Post of 2010!

After the All Most-Of-It-Encompassing List of yesterday, I thought today I'd revisit my very favorite projects of 2010:

Living Room Paint Job
  • love, love, love the color, and the way it sets off the dark wood tones and bright teals/turquoises

Meditation Corner
  • pretty, soft, comfy, peaceful, dedicated space

Laundry Room Reno
  • so tired and afterthought-y before! So fresh and pretty now!


Tool Cart
  • damned useful!

Guitar Rack
  • damned useful! 
  • also displays attractive instruments instead of big banged-up cases, and brings a bit more of my "other" passion into the look of my house - how could there not be music here?  <3 

See you all on the flip-side!


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