22 December 2010

One List To Rule Them All + Painting Stuff

I keep a running list in a gmail draft of ideas and planned projects. Everything is broken down by room, type of project, and cost.  Painting is almost always in the "free" column, since I have a metric ape-load of paint at home leftover from other projects, and that people have given to me.

I've just finished a woodworking project;  as often happens after one of those, I feel like doing something new, but something that's the complete opposite of woodworking.  For me? That means painting.  So I'm going through my list today, looking for something to do.

A Few Items From My Painting List:

The ceiling of my bedroom, which is currently "The Wrong Blue" by Behr, I think.

My dining room table and chairs.  They don't need to be really painted...but I'd like to distress the table a bit, and then adjust the finish on the chairs to match. 

The walls in the spare room, which is currently being used for storage and a drum set, but which will soon be transformed to a music room that can double as a guest room when we need it. 

I don't have any pictures of it, so here's a picture of my dog Shelly.

 My front door.  Some of you who know me in real life just laughed.  Stop that.  I know I paint this thing like every two years, but I'm not talking about changing the color, LOL.  There's just a little stenciled detail I've been meaning to do on the black that haven't gotten around to just yet.  :)

I'm also thinking about painting the inside of it.  And maybe the back door.

There's a floor-stamping idea I've waffling about for a year, mostly because I had no idea how it would hold up.  But between the durability of the paint I've accidentally spilled on the floors and not cleaned up for several months (shhh) and how hard I had to work to get the bloody footprints off the floors at Halloween, I'm convinced, and ready to jump in.  Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I still haven't started working on the mirror that I got from Goodwill for $7 in October.  It's still sitting in my craft room, reflecting messy shelves.

I don't have a picture of this, either.  Here, have a cat.


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