28 December 2010

Arch, Arch, Baby

Vanilla Ice??  I know, I'm sorry.  Lacking in the creative title department this afternoon, it seems.  (Probably need more coffee).

hallway between living room/bedroom

My house is full of these arches - well, in the common areas, anyway.  I've painted them different colors, I've painted faux molding around them,  I've painted bricks around them...

kitchen/living room pass-thru, 2006
I've painted the insides of them a different color than the walls.  I've hand-drawn little botanical border motifs inside them with a *Sharpie*   (which looked awesome, but took about forty-eight coats of primer to get it to stop soaking through once I decided to cover it up).   I've hung things in front of/behind them:

entry hall into living room
Matching pair in a white/green living room a few years ago...

late Winter 2007

For about five minutes in early 2007, the arches and  the dark "wood" floors inspired me to try go pseudo-Spanish in there.  It didn't last long.  Seriously, it was like a month before I scrapped the whole idea as a "nice place to visit, but wouldn't want to live there" - but that period was when I built my "salvaged wooden beam" fireplace mantel, which I really, really love. 

back when a hollow box was a truly daunting project

So, all of this to say that I'm thinking about doing something with my arches.  I don't know if I'll paint the insides of them again or not.  Nothing's really grabbing me about that lately, even though it's been on my mind a lot.

However, a year ago or so, I cut out a paper template traced from the doorways, sized it to one of the windows in the living room, and taped it up there behind the blinds, to see if I could mimic the look of an arched window to match the doors.  I wasn't expecting much, but I loved the way it looked, and had always planned to go back and try it on all the living room windows, and then take a more permanent stab at it if I liked it.

I may go ahead with another paper mock-up this week.  Especially since it's entirely possible that I'll be getting new blinds in there soon.  Santa brought me a gift card to my very favorite store! :o)



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  1. *sigh* The only arches I worry about are the ones in my feet. My house is decidedly...square.


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