29 December 2010

Well, FOOT.

...as my mother used to say (in an effort, I'm sure, to avoid using another four-letter word beginning with F in front of the kids). 

As I mentioned, Santa brought me a gift card to World Market last weekend.  Yay!  And tonight I exchanged that nifty little slab of plastic for three dark bamboo shades for my living room windows.  Just think: soft grey walls, billowy white mosquito-net curtains, large, bright windows - and these, filtering the light behind the sheers.

Really, that's just gorgeous.

Warm and natural.  Touchable.  Deep and dark, to bring that quality up off the floors onto the walls - but not so dark as to feel looming.  Light-filtering, just enough to open up the house by day but keep it safe from prying eyes at night...

EEENGHT!!!   <--- buzzer sound

They are perfect, in nearly every respect, and I really do love them to itty tiny pieces.  But privacy?  Hell no.  I clomped around outside in the mud and the cold, and alas, could see just about every single detail of the inside of my house through them.  I knew they wouldn't be opaque, but I was hoping for better than nearly transparent!  I'm sure it's just because the slats in the shades are spaced fairly loosely - I'd bet money that a more tightly-woven shade would offer more privacy. 

My first thought was to just take them back and go back to my sad, sorry, beat-up, old, dingy, metal mini-blinds (yuck).   Any other alternative seemed like too much work.  I mean, I could:

  • put up some sort of low-profile light-blocking shade behind the bamboo shades that I can lower at night
  • install a double-rod over the windows so I can have my billowy white sheers, but also a light-blocking drape I can pull closed at night (I just can't deal with heavy curtains. They can look lovely, but every time I've tried them in my own space, they just seem too heavy, and I feel trapped).  
  • affix some sort of light-blocking cloth or paper to the back of each shade, which is time-consuming, probably a messy process, and completely defeats the purpose of letting light IN during the DAY.  

I'm just not sure.  What do you think?   It's not like I don't have time to decide.  I put the shades in my truck so I could take them back today...which means they'll be in there for at least a week or two before I actually get around to it.  0:)



  1. Are you seeing shadows/silhouettes of details, or full technicolor, hey yeah...I-know-what-color-your-knickers-are detail? Cuz you could probably live with the first. Normally, as you know, the order is, window-out, shades, sheers, curtains. Perhaps you could have just gauzy enough curtains to combine with the shades and the sheers at night to block the view, but not make you feel like a trapped gerbil.

  2. Full technicolor - Kress was on the inside moving around. I could see facial expressions when he was near the window, individual locks of hair at mid-range, and clothing color (including t-shirt graphics) when he was far away from the window.

    Right now I just have those super-sheer, mosquito net curtains on the windows (doubled up, so they're not as sheer as JUST netting, about the same as a "regular" sheer curtain). I tried adding a second layer - both colored and not - earlier this year, but it really cut off the light in the room. Enough that the plants were suffering. :(

    But I have an idea...


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