23 December 2010

Dog Collar Safety Strap Success!

One more post about the guitar rack, and then I swear I'll stop. 

When last we met, it needed a retention strap in case of random acts of CAT:

And a hanging file doodad on the back for books and sheet music:


The dog collars work great!  They're stapled to the back of the stand so that you don't have to mess with getting them into position every time you put something into the stand. 

The file box on the back is okay for now - it's meant to hang on a wall, so it's open in the back, which means I can't keep anything but books in it (no smaller items that might fall through), so I'll keep an eye out for something better.  For now, though, it works.  Plus it was free, because I got it from work!  (Yes, I asked if I could have one of the extras that nobody wanted, I didn't steal it, lol). 

Notice anything different about the guitars in the picture?  That's right:  that gorgeous blonde on the end there is new - I got it last night!  My holiday gift to myself, hehe.  :D

And now that the stand is up and running, I put the case to my classical back in the bedroom. :)


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