30 December 2010

Everybody Else Was Doing It

...so I'll jump off a bridge, too.  I suppose it's only fitting that since I started my blog in May 2010, I should do my first yearly recap as a last "first" for this year.  Right?  Right.

Construction/Woodworking Projects
  • wooden pot rack/shelf for the kitchen
  • inserted a board in the larger window in my living room, painted to match the walls, to give the illusion of two tall, narrow windows instead of one big square one
  • built a wooden guitar rack
  • built a small table for use as a computer desk in a side room;  moved later to living room to use as the main computer desk (to replace the larger, broken one that I broke down and harvested for lumber)
  • built a small, baithak-style low meditation area for my living room out of used pallets
  • repaired kitchen fluorescent light fixture by wiring in a new ballast (new electrical skillz FTW!)
  • built-in shelving in laundry room
  • cutting boards made from butcher-block countertop salvaged from workplace move

  • black Ikea KAUSTBY ladder-back dining chair, for computer desk
  • Ikea EKTORP sofa, no slipcover
  • refinished and re-purposed a small 2-d dresser
  • purchased a new, smaller, round dining table on Craigslist
  • re-purposed an old console table, from "aquarium stand" to "entertainment center
  • SOLD on Craigslist this year:  an old entertainment center console/cabinet,  an antique
  • antique, probably Victorian-era plant stand side table (gift from friend who was getting rid of stuff)
  • small round Ikea FORNSBRO side table (same friend)
  • Ikea UNG DRILL frame, which is not furniture, but it's big, and I've wanted it for like three years, so I'm listing it.  SO THERE. 
  • re-painted some shelving to coordinate with my craft room
  • steel rack salvaged from work move (haven't done anything with it yet)
  • small rolling file cart salvaged from work move; painted and re-purposed as a tool cart in the garage
  • Repaired, cleaned up, and painted a wicker chair for the living room

  • Teal seat cushion for computer desk chair from Ikea SARITA curtain panel
  • quilt made from Indian sari edges given to me by a friend, hung on the wall in first the bedroom, then the living room
  • brown linen-weave slipcover for Ikea couch, made from Ikea RITVA curtain panels
  • new curtains for the living room windows:  Ikea's LILL (mosquito netting; first step in an ongoing process)
  • large ironing board re-covered in Ikea's PRESSA ironing board cover (which had to be cut down and re-shaped to fit)
  • small ironing board re-covered (pre-blog, but this year)
  • dumbass green-white damask-print balloon shade for my craft room window, which I'm already sick of looking at
  • new shower curtain for guest bath (which turns out to be WAY TOO DARK OMG, but I haven't done anything about that yet)
  • new covers for the cushions on the wicker chair in the living room
  • living room, dining, kitchen, and small hallway:  Behr's "Woodsmoke" (soft, warm dove-grey)
  • bedroom:  light, muted aqua-blue, a color I mixed myself
  • laundry room - leftover bedroom paint (walls and built-in shelving)
  • buncha artwork, only about half finished, in a single crazy spurt in November

Crafts & Other Projects
  • chalkboard made for kitchen pantry door with masonite + chalkboard paint (pre-blog, but this year)
  • painted a large bulletin board for my sewing room so that it looks like a chalkboard, but is still a bulletin board. 
  • blog/home featured on Of Peacocks & Paisleys!  :D
  • art wall in the bedroom
  • started re-vamping my bedroom closet and then...just...didn't. 
  • covered several small cardboard boxes with wrapping paper to coordinate with my craft room, until such time as I can afford to buy nice storage boxes
  • Cleaned out and re-organized garage, and finally purged years of pack-rattiness that was verging on "hoarding"
  • Replaced dishes!  I'm not really including small things I bought this year, but this makes a HUGE difference in the way my kitchen presents, because I have open cabinets.  I just went back the other day and got the rest of the set, too. Yay!  Next stop:  serving pieces!
  • de-gardened the entire backyard in the Fall (starting from scratch in 2011...stay tuned)
  • removed about a third of the front garden, also in the Fall, to make it look neater and to make it easier to take care of

Found this picture while going back through my blog entries - this was me after five straight HOURS of remo-ing the entire laundry room all at once.  Totally cracked me up.  This is about how I feel most of the time by the time I'm done with something, lol:


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