16 September 2010

Actual Artwork

Since (a) I'm not doing anything decorate-y or DIY-ish right now, and (b) I'm actually painting this week, I thought I'd share some of my "real" artwork (not that I don't consider decorating and building stuff an "art").  Here are a couple of my favorites:

i keep meaning to do one of these for myself

an experiment in moonlight & sheer fabric

Bad photo!!! But one of my very favorites. 

this one's got a surprise hidden in it

garden photography!

don't let the pretty flowers fool you - this plant ate my entire front garden

other photography, too

So, there's tons more.  Go take a look - it's all on my DeviantArt page.   (Possible NSFW warning:  I paint a looooot of naked women). 

This week I'm working on several things at once, like I always do -  a Sarasvati that's been patiently waiting to be painted for like six months, and several small, textural things which are mostly style and color experiments (one of which is not going all that well).  I'll post links and pics when I'm done.



  1. Baroo? *ears up* Sarasvati, you say?

  2. OH yeah. There's...well...SHE has been "bugging" me to do this painting since Springfest, even before Springfest. I'm finally getting around to it, but it/She's making me work for it, I think. The background is proving to be a PITA so far.


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