20 September 2010


Lacking any home updates (I gave myself the weekend off...again), I'll show you instead what I did in my front yard yesterday morning:


The front bed wrapped around the porch and front walk; and around the side all the way to the back fence.

<-- ugly-ass electrical box FTL  :(

There were also pathways made of cement
"cobblestones"  (made with the Quikrete Walkmaker) so that...

(a) I don't have to jump over the garden to walk out into the yard, and

(b) visitors have somewhere to walk so that they're not tripping over plants (or trampling them)

But this was too much garden for the front.  I enjoyed it for a few years, but I found myself wanting
  • less garden to manage
  • more lawn space - my front yard is tiny, and every foot counts
  • something more compact, to make more of a statement, rather than this huge sprawling thing that wraps around the entire world


I removed the garden beds that wrapped around the walkway and spread down into the yard, leaving only the bed in front of the porch (which still wraps around the side of the house).

<- that Rosemary on the corner is going away, too, as soon as I figure out where to move it to.

I moved the stones that had been in the walkways and made a border out of them - I have more in the backyard that I'm going to use to border the bed that runs down the side of the house, too. 

Some of the plants I removed from the bed that I un-did got moved to the bed by the porch;  some of them I planted around the ugly-ass electrical box so that hopefully, someday, the thing might be at least partially camouflaged.   xP 

So at some point this week or next weekend I get to move stones and a rosemary bush, and buy some grass seed to sprinkle onto the empty parts of the ex-bed so that the grass will grow in faster.

Future plans include:
  • Removing the black porch railing and shortening it, and creating another section of railing for the side of the porch, so that the whole thing has a railing; and painting it to match the trim on the house
  • Planting two small Crepe Myrtle trees - at the left/east corner of the bed in front of the porch, and one on the opposite side of the driveway (not pictured) to balance it out. 
  • Buying a freaking weedeater so I can quit borrowing my neighbor's.
  • Potted tropical plants and flowers to liven up the walkway, since it's no longer bordered by a garden; and something in those empty baskets hanging on the porch (whoops).

Hooray for Fall weather!


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