17 September 2010


Whee!  Weekend!  ...wheekend?  LOL.

On the Agenda...

1.  Sewing Room Shelves
Two to move in, one (possibly two) to move out - one's getting a fresh coat of paint and going into my bedroom closet - and two to hang in the sewing room closet.


2.  Artwork
I have a canvas I'm halfway through, one backgrounded, and several sketches I need to develop - and I think some sketches I want to make fantastic and maybe sell as just...framed sketches. New territory! 

what's this?

3.  Gardening
I'm also in the process (for about two months now) of cleaning up and removing various gardens around my place, to create a clean slate on which to work with new landscaping designs -the end result of which will be a lovely, shady outdoor space in the back to hang out in, and simplified-beautified front gardens that make a better statement than "the woman who lives here doesn't have time to work in the garden" like it does now, LOL. Wish me luck!

ah, if only it still looked like this...

Pics next week!


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